About Soweto Touch Rugby Kids

Soweto Touch Association (STA) is a non profit organisation that was formed in 2010 with the objective to grow the sport of Touch Rugby in the developing Sowetan region. To create opportunity for people from diverse races, ethnic group, ages and genders to share and partake in a common sport.

(STA) is an affiliate of the South African Touch Association (SATA). STA was established in 2009 with the main objective of growing the sport of Touch Rugby in Soweto and surrounding areas. In addition, the association administers the Soweto Schools Rugby Project (SSRP) which is a mass participation community development programme that advocates education through sport, with Touch Rugby as the sport of choice.

The introduction of Touch Rugby has had an overwhelming interest from boys and girls alike in Soweto and in the short space of time the association has established five stations in Soweto and two in Kagiso that participate in the STA league on Saturday mornings. There are 300 participants that play in 6 age group leagues from under 8 to opens (over 21). STA participated for the first time in a SATA Inter Provincial Tournament (IPT) in March 2010 in Pretoria where the Senior Ladies’ and Men’s teams admirably pitted their skills against the best players in the land. Then in September 2010, three junior teams took part in a highly successful and enjoyable junior tournament in Cape Town. Both seniors (March) and juniors (September) showed much improvement again in Durban in 2011 and in 2012 in Johannesburg, the girls U15 were crowned national champions – a first for Soweto.

The officials are made up entirely of individuals that are facilitators who work with the kids at the stations around Soweto, and as such the tournament will serve to allow our coaches to gain valuable experience that they can apply at grass root level when they get back. There are a number of volunteer coaches who have given up their time to impact the level of touch that Soweto is at and are working to build the coaching staff as well as the players of Soweto.

Soweto Touch Association herby requests your support in making this tour a reality for the young men and women who have been chosen for the trip. We would be most grateful if your organisation can assist by sponsoring any part of the costs as detailed in the attached budget, or any equipment, kit or vouchers which we may use towards raising funds. The total cost of the tour is R275 000.00

We will gladly display your logo on the garments while we would also publicise your support on any media platform should the opportunity arise.

Most of the participants have never been to Cape Town while some have never even been out of Johannesburg and this is a big opportunity for them. Your contribution will not only add impetus to our efforts to grow the game but it will also make a significant difference in the lives of the players and community.