Practises and Clinics

Time and Venue

Training sessions are now held at Meadowlands high school (our new home).
Training run on Sundays from 14; 00 – 17:00 and all are welcome Our trials for Junior IPT squad will take place on Sunday 29 June 2014 where our teams will be selected for this year.

Clinics will continue throughout the year to build our juniors for next year’s selections.
Age group: U15, U17, U19 and U21.
Both girls and boys.

Senior IPT training will begin in October / November.
Open Ladies, Man and Mixed.

Coaching Clinics

Coaching clinics are performed at different schools in Soweto bringing the sport of Touch Rugby to the schools and youth. We are currently developing a Clinic roster that will roll out from October through 2014 and 2015 to end again in May 2015 (where we will have our next junior trials)

We will be working with meadowlands for the first couple of months and then expanding to all other areas of Soweto. Hopefully by next year we will have several Touch Rugby leagues running in Soweto.

We have dedicated coaches that carry out the clinics – in the clinics we offer basic skills knowledge through to development through to specialized skills development. Depending on the level of the children attending the clinic. Both we the coaching staff have over 200 years experience in coaching Touch Rugby.

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